5 reasons to join a book tour company

Today I am highlighting Justread Book Tours as they celebrate their 5 year anniversary!

First and foremost, one of my favorite things about joining a book tour company is all the different genres I get introduced to.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading titles from all across the genre spectrum. Books like Beauty From The Ashes a YA Fantasy novel, The Secret Society of Salzburg a WWII Novel, or even a contemporary book like Range. There have been so many opportunities to broaden my scope of reading and I am introduced to new authors all the time!

Second, is being introduced to new authors and growing my knowledge of authors I do know through Author Interviews and Guest Posts!

In just this past year I’ve gotten to interview authors like Jerry B. Jenkins, Erica Vetsch, and Christen Krumm.

Plus, I’ve even gotten to have authors like Natasha D. Frazier, Laurel Blount, and M. Liz Boyle post to my site as guests!

Third, each time you get chosen to help an author you get to use your imagination and creativity. When I get chosen to participate in a book tour it is a celebration and an immediate feeling of inspiration striking.

I ask myself, “how can I show this book off? Does it fit into one of my upcoming book reel ideas? Can I make a good graphic of it? Will it have good quote graphics?”

Being apart of a book touring community like Justreads is an endless fountain of inspiration, creativity, and community.

Fourth, being a book tour host of Justread tours has also has the wonderful perk of introducing me to some wonderful book minded friends who I otherwise would not have met.

Check out their book review platforms below:

Debbie from @Pickagoodbook
Joline from @BeautyInTheBinding
Rachel from @A.Wee.Bit.Bookish
Rose from @AdventurousBookWorm
Maggie from @BusyMomsReadToo
+ Many, many more!

Fifth, here are 5 books I’ve found by becoming a book tour host:

  1. Claiming Her Legacy by Linda Goodnight
  2. The Forever Farmhouse by Lee Tobin McClain
  3. The Call of the Sea by Sian Ann Bessey
  4. Portal Slayer: Beneath the Shadows by S.L. Dooley
  5. Far From Home by Mabel Ninan

There are so many wonderful reasons to become a book tour host even beyond the ones I listed. I truly enjoy it and hope you join our bookish community! More information below on how to become a book touring host below.

About Justread Book Tours

JustRead Publicity Tours, LLC provides readers with a steady stream of promotional and reading selections from Christian, wholesome, and clean reads genres plus exclusive participant giveaway opportunities! By equipping readers with tools and support to create positive, impactful bookish content, JustRead advocates spreading the word (aka buzzing) about books that inspire and are written from a Christian perspective.

Connect with JustRead by following on social media @justreadtours, visiting justreadtours.com, or subscribing to host or blog post email newsletter updates.

Blog tours, bookstagram tours, reviewer tours, etc. are different varieties of book campaigns. Readers who participate in JustRead campaigns are called hosts or book bees.

5 book bee perks

Various hosting options

Readers buzz about books in a variety of ways through blog posts (spotlights, reviews, interviews, guest posts), social media posts (bookstagram, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), and posted reviews (Goodreads, Bookbub, and retail sites).

Reader community

Although reading is usually a solitary pursuit, enjoy a richer experience with community! Get to know fellow readers through comments, posts, and book recommendations.

Author interaction

Want to personally thank authors for writing books that you love to read? Authors often visit campaign posts to say hello, express gratitude, and answer questions.

Exclusive giveaways

Book bees are eligible for exclusive giveaways through the host newsletter and the monthly host giveaway in addition to tour-wide and occasional host exclusive campaign giveaways.

Access to sweet titles

Last but not least, the honey of the book bee life is sweet reads! JustRead promotes titles within Christian, wholesome, or clean reads genres with content notes tailored to conservative values when sensitive issues are present.

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  1. Congratulations!! That’s a long time & a huge milestone! Thank you for all that you do & I love your website!

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