Hello Friends!

My Name is Kimberly,

And I love helping people be creative. It is my passion. My day is made any time I get to help someone learn something or create something that they otherwise would not have the time or ability to. 

Why do this?

It is my expressed desired to help people achieve as much as possible. To set goals and actually see them through.

Creative Experience

Being creative is my outlet. In my experience I have done everything from designing full scale targeted marketing, email campaigns, social media layouts, graphics, A+ materials, websites, and even a book cover or two..

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Web Design Services

Specializing in Bookish Web Design (Author Websites, Bloggers, etc.) and all things Social Media Strategy.

Memorable Design With The User in Mind

I believe that your website should be a direct reflection of you, combined with how you want to reach your audience in the best SEO, UX, and visually stimulating way possible.

Creating your unique vision, one step at a time.

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Social Media Design

Social Media Strategy and Visually Stimulating Graphic Designs. Below are some social media items I can help you with, and I am always up for a new challenge if you need help with something not on my general list.

Social Media Streamlining

Giving you ideas on how to create a unified look for all your social media channels. As well as account creation & content creation and integration services.

AD Creation and Implementation

From Amazon, Meta, and Tiktok to everything in-between.

Newsletter & Funnel Creation

Creating interactive monthly newsletters, welcome sequences, nurturing sequences, and subscriber funnels. Lead magnet implementation and creation as well.

Graphic Design

Helping you create graphics to promote books, tour banners, logos, and anything else.

Use the contact box below to request a sample of my work.

Have a Question?
Ready for some help?

Fire away! I am a firm believer in that there is no question to small.

If you are not looking for help with Web Design and Social Media Services you can check out my book reviews, Bookstagram, author interviews, or to learn more about me you can visit my about page.