In Author Interviews I always wonder…

What Questions Would You Ask An Author?

One of my favorite questions to ask during an Author Interview is:
How do Authors come up with their stories?

“Writers and artists know that ethereal moment, when just one, fleeting something–a chill, an echo, the click of a lamp, a question—-ignites the flame of an entire work that blazes suddenly into consciousness”

~Nadine C. Keels

What Questions do you wish you could ask an author?

Author Interview Books

“It was my story, and I was her. I was the woman who had tried for years to heal herself, but it was a patch job. I needed to touch Jesus. It was the only way to stop the bleeding”.”

― Beth Troy, Louisa

“Because joy isn’t dependent on you or even the good things in life, like a wonderful husband. It’s dependent on God, and on you being reconciled with Him. It’s rooted in a deep knowing that no matter what happens in this life, you have someone you can hold on to even when you are drowning.”

― Lindsay Harrel, The Joy of Falling

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