Book Review: The Vanishing At Castle Moreau by Jaime Jo Wright

Check out my Author Interview With Jaime Jo Wright via Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours. Below is my Book Review of The Vanishing at Castle Moreau:

The Vanishing at Castle Moreau is a book that grabs you and refuses to let you go even after you’ve finished. 

One of the things I’m coming to love about Jaime Jo Wright’s writing style is her eloquent way of drawing you into a mystery—so much so that you forget everything around you. 

I am slowly working my way through all of Jaime Jo Wright’s books and so far, this is one of my favorites. I loved the mystery of the castle, the subtle secrets, the gothic vibes, and the dual (or tri) timelines that this story is told through. 

My favorite thing about these characters was that they weren’t cookie cutter, they weren’t perfect, but they constantly thought through their actions with reflection and learned from the past to help shape the present. Very well done. 

I also loved the theme of redemption woven throughout combined with the sweet romance, and epic conclusion. 

This book is beyond 5 Stars. 

*I volunteered to read this book in return for my honest feedback. 

About The Vanishing At Castle Moreau

The Vanishing At Castle Moreau by Jaime Jo Wright
Genre: Suspense/Thriller 
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Release date: April 2023
Content Rating: ​PG

A haunting legend. An ominous curse. A search for a secret buried deep within the castle walls.

In 1870, orphaned Daisy François takes a position as housemaid at a Wisconsin castle to escape the horrors of her past life. There she finds a reclusive and eccentric Gothic authoress who hides tales more harrowing than the ones in her novels. As women disappear from the area and the eerie circumstances seem to parallel a local legend, Daisy is thrust into a web that could ultimately steal her sanity, if not her life.

In the present day, Cleo Clemmons is hired by the grandson of an American aristocratic family to help his grandmother face her hoarding in the dilapidated Castle Moreau. But when Cleo uncovers more than just the woman’s stash of collectibles, a century-old mystery and the dust of the old castle’s curse threaten to rise again . . . this time to leave no one alive to tell the sordid tale.

Award-winning author Jaime Jo Wright seamlessly weaves a dual-time tale of two women who must do all they can to seek the light amid the darkness shrouding Castle Moreau.

You can find it on GoodreadsAmazon, or BookBub to learn more.

About Jaime Jo Wright

Jaime Jo Wright is the author of six novels, including Christy Award winner The House on Foster Hill and Carol Award winner The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond. She’s also the Publishers Weekly and ECPA bestselling author of two novellas. Jaime lives in Wisconsin with her cat named Foo; her husband, Cap’n Hook; and their littles, Peter Pan and CoCo.

To learn more, visit Jamie at: (& check out her Podcast – MadLit Musings!)
BookBub – @JaimeJoWright
Instagram – @JaimeJoWright
Twitter – @JaimeJoWright
Facebook – @JaimeJoWright


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  1. “This book is beyond 5 Stars.” LOL, I love that! I usually put 5+ stars, but I may have to borrow your phrase. 🙂
    This book sounds soooo GOOD!! Thanks =for the review!

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