Finding Family in a Far-Away Land

Finding Family in a Far-Away Land: An Adoption Story by Amanda Wall. A Book Spotlight + Giveaway Via iRead Book Tours!
Book Title:  Finding Family in a Far-Away Land: An Adoption Story by Amanda Wall
Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 4-10),  44 pages
Genre:  Children’s Picture Book, Adoption
Publisher:  BookBaby
Release date:   March 29, 2021
Content Rating:  G for everyone.

Book Description:

Every adoption experience is uniquely different but the yearning to have unconditional family love is universal. Two Indian sisters, Priya and Ari, experience what it’s like to be adopted into a multi-cultural, interracial family. Walk alongside these two charming, dynamic girls as they journey through the adoption transition to a new country full of new experiences!

“Finding Family in a Far-Away Land”

is a pensive and sometimes comical book that demonstrates how children can experience the same journey quite differently. A glossary of cultural terms is included so that all can learn and enjoy what Ari and Priya cherish about their Indian roots. This story is meant to be a resource to those hoping to learn about one family’s adoption experience― and may even help a child process their own adoption story. The intended audience for this book is children ages 4-10.

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Meet the Author:

Amanda is a mother of four with a heart towards adoption. She lives in Colorado with her family but loves to travel and connect with others through their culture. Educating families on adoption is a passion for Amanda because the adoptees’ voice is often unheard.

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More From Amanda Wall Author of Finding Family in a Far-Away Land

Witnessing the many first through the eyes of an adopted child

The lunch buffet at the Hyatt in New Delhi is a grandiose feast of sauces, chutneys, chapati, proteins, and more.  In the center of it all is a beckoning treat stand displaying delicate chocolates and perfectly swirled gelato. No doubt my daughters, Priya and Ari, had never seen this much food in their lives. At the orphanage the girls were fed rice and occasionally a hard-boiled egg. Ari, my youngest child, weighed a mere 20 pounds at 3 and half years old having been malnourished most of her childhood.  Placing a variety of food on her plate, I curiously watched what she’d entertain.

After an adventurous lunch,

we strolled by the treat stand. “Would you like to try some gelato, Ari?” I asked.  Scared of what her taste buds may encounter she said a firm “Nah.”  Naturally, I ordered a coconut ice-cream cone for myself and placed a dab of that sweet goodness onto my daughter’s lips. Her eyes glowed as I handed over the dripping treat. Watching her tiny stomach grow into the shape of a basketball, I knew we both felt content.

Excitement and anxiety are at the root of many discoveries for an adopted child.

I recall experiencing the world through my biological children’s infant eyes and those were monumental indeed, but the firsts experienced by my adopted daughters felt extraordinary compounded by their unfortunate beginnings.  Our entire family began relishing in seeing the world through from their perspective.

Our daughters, Priya and Ari, were brought home from India under the age of five.

Understandably, their environments were flipped figuratively and geographically. Most changes were embraced but some cultural differences were met with obstinance.  Even then, I gained an empathy for their experience and praised their willingness to explore their unpredictable new surroundings.

The simple pleasure of a warm bath in a bathtub was heaven for Priya and Ari.

They’d spend 45 minutes scrubbing their bodies feverishly and giggling through the bubbles. Seeing the sky so blue was something Priya never thought possible due to the air pollution in her village.  My daughters had a way of acknowledging each day in quiet appreciation, something I’d seldom observed in a child. At dinner, they fed each other morsels from their respective plates, reminding one another that they would continue to take care of each other. These moments caused me to pause and ponder the unspoken emotion in the room.

I wrote, “Finding Family in a Far-Away Land” to capture my daughter’s memories but also to help them remember.

Mental memories are important, but their beginnings are engrained in their souls and reflected in their behavior, something that reminds me to see each day with an increased awareness. There is beauty in new beginnings and the joy of overcoming adversity. I hope through reading our family’s story your child enjoys exploring the world through Priya and Ari’s eyes too!


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