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The Genre Switch

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The Genre Switch, do you do it?

This weeks question:

Have you ever switched reading genres? If so, why?

To start this off I will say I started off reading primarily historical fiction, it is what sparked my love of reading. Those writers like Gloria Whelan, Elizabeth George Speare, L.M. Elliott, L.A. Meyer, and so many more, inspired me to read and get lost in a world that was different for a while.  

Now though, I read widely and span as many genres as I can. You can see just how wide by looking at the last few weeks of First Line Fridays. I truly read a variety of anything from historical fiction, mysteries, fantasy, sci-fi, biblical fiction, to YA fiction. The only thing I tend to shy away from is horror, just simply because I have seen too much and want to escape and grow myself, rather than putting new horrors into my imagination.  

I like the variety of switching genres, it gives me something new to imagine. I do get on a certain kick every once and a while where I will only read a certain sub-genre (and I will find EVERY book in that sub-genre and read it). But otherwise, I skip around every day.  

Why do you read different genres? 


A most curious reader 

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  1. I agree with you both on the time and redundancy factor – I don’t see the point. Though, having said that, I have watched a performance of a play while reading the text when studying it in an Eng Lit class (but that’s because I feel it should be performed, not read)

  2. I’m with you. It seems a little redundant to me too. Like, I can read so much faster on my own. Even when speeding up the audiobook. So I’ve only done audiobooks sparingly and for when I’m multitasking. Say driving or cleaning house. It takes longer, but at least I’m reducing the TBR (in theory).

  3. I agree. No need to read and listen at the same time. I listen when driving and I drive a lot. I usually listen at 1.5 speed. I would love to be able to read a 300-page book in 2 hours! I could get so many reviews done!

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