Wondering Wednesday – What TV show would you binge watch right now?

It is Wondering Wednesday again!! This week’s question from Jessica over at The Bakers Perspective is probably the toughest question for me yet!

What TV Show would you binge-watch right now?

     Currently, I rarely watch TV shows or movies; college and work have kind of taken over my life. Sometimes I can go weeks without turning our TV on at all, which explains how I can read so many books and do school so quickly😊. When I do watch TV though I love watching shows or movies that engage my mind and have compelling storylines (Just like the books I read!). Some of my favorite TV shows are Castle, Psych, Numbers, JAG, Murder She Wrote, White Collar, and Hawaii Five-O. All those shows have a couple of things in common. One, they all have a bit of mystery in them. Two, they all engage my mind. Three, they all center around some good core values. My personal favorite would be JAG though, probably because I have fond memories of watching it as a kid growing up with my family. However, I love watching any of those TV shows when I have the time. Do you know of any similar shows I might like and have yet to stumble upon? I would love to hear about them! Even though I do not watch TV regularly I love keeping a list of shows and movies to watch when I do have the time. There are so many good ones out there!

What are your Binge-worthy Tv show finds? Do you have a favorite from growing up?

Also do you have any question ideas for us? We would love them! Just message me or visit Jessica’s blog to enter your questions in the form there 🙂


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    • JAG is a classic 🙂 I wish they would bring White collar back as well. It was kind of an abrupt ending to the show, and I loved the cast of characters.

      I haven’t gotten to see it yet 🙂 I watched the old MacGyver every so often growing up though and loved it. 🙂

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