Wondering Wednesday

Wondering Wednesday is here!

This week’s question from Jessica over at A Bakers Perspective for Wondering Wednesday is…

What is my favorite thing to do besides reading?

That question is like asking me what I do besides breathing!
I would say my favorite thing to do is to spend time with my husband and or other family members, I feel like most people answer with this though 😊. I also really enjoy exploring, it makes my heart happy, going on beautiful hikes, driving down old dirt roads, listening to the rustle of leaves as we hike up a hill to see the sunrise…  sigh… Plus, I love photography, running with my friends, and learning any type of cooking/baking 😊 (It is a challenge for me as I have a dairy allergy).


Fotor_155676162999121[1] Fotor_158289836466166[1]

The first picture is from the mountains in the Colorado Rockies. I moved from Colorado this last year and miss all the beautiful scenery! The second picture is of homemade bagels, baking bagels are my newest obsession 😊. Have you tried to make them? Any good recipes? The last picture is from when my friends and I decided to run 19.3 magical miles together this last February at Disney world 😊, it was so much fun! I highly recommend it.

Because of COVID-19, during these last few months, I have not had much opportunity to do anything besides reading and completing school assignments. However, I am enjoying the extra time I get with my husband.

How about you? What do you like to do other than reading? How have you been spending your COVID-19 days? What have you learned from your experience?


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    • Nature is what I am better at photographing, but it is probably because I don’t practice taking photos of people all that often 🙂 .
      Sun themed pictures are fun too 🙂 What else does she enjoy doing?

      • Besides reading I find happiness in all sorts of small things: working outside with herbs and flowers , cooking and baking new things, photographing pics for bookstagram, learning how-to and running an Etsy store, walking on the treadmill while reading, and even organizing everything around the house (while listening to an audio book). I’m very much a home body and enjoy life!

        I’ve really enjoyed your Wondering Wednesday questions and reading your answers.

        • What Esty story do you run? I’ve always wanted to do try running one 🙂

          I think we have a ton in common! I literally love doing everything you listed too! 🙂 🙂

          You can do wondering Wednesdays too, I have enjoyed putting myself into words with them. A Bakers Perspective runs them and comes up with some good topics 🙂

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