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The Decorating Club by Susan Meyers. A Women's Fiction story about Neighbors Helping Neighbors. On Tour with Justread, Excerpt + Giveaway!

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The Decorating Club

Title: The Decorating Club
Author: Susan M. Meyers
Publisher: Just Food For Thought, LLC
Release Date: February 1, 2021
Genre: Women’s Fiction

The Decorating Club shares the story of what happens when a group of women come together to help each other redesign their homes. In the process, they support each other through some of the challenges encountered by women today. While the primary focus is on identifying the best purpose and theme for each room they soon find themselves faced with the need to help one another determine life’s next chapter. The Decorating Club was inspired by true-life experiences with real neighbors and the friendship they shared.


* * *


I’m being held captive by a kidnapper named Fear.

What he looks and sounds like is a mystery that’s unclear

All I know is, he’s captured my mind, heart and soul

And I have fallen deeply under his control.

* * *

“So what’s your vision for this room, besides just adding those two pieces of furniture? Would you like

some custom curtains, have you given any thought to accessories and lighting?” Sarah questioned. “No, I don’t care. I have no sense of style; I’m good with whatever you decide,” said Tricia.

“Whoa, Tricia, wait a minute,” Sarah began. “While that may or may not be true, that was not part of the deal. I explained to all of you in the beginning that I believe a home should tell a story of the people who live there. I agreed to help, but not by reflecting my story in your home. It has to be your story!” Sarah re-emphasized.

“Well, my story is sad. In fact, I’m sorry I wasted all of your time. Let’s forget it. I have to run now anyway—off to my stupid job, where I’ll be for like the next hundred hours or so!” Tricia whined.

“What a hypocrite!” Brittany snipped. “You stand on a soapbox saying the rest of the world is paralyzed by fear, causing us not to live the lives we were intended to live. Yet there you are, running off to a job you clearly hate just because you’re obviously too afraid to do something about it. I’m sick and tired of hearing you make belittling comments about others, when it’s you, Tricia, who should be taking a long hard look in the mirror!”

“Oh boy, here we go again,” thought Sarah as she watched closely to see who was going to throw the first punch.

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Susan M. Meyers

Susan Meyers is an optimist who believes the world would be better served if everyone were more aligned with their greater purpose. The challenge as she sees it is not only to serve one’s purpose but also to adapt as it changes from time to time.

While Susan has worn many hats throughout her life, serving as CEO of her children’s business, 3 Sisters and a Brother, LLC is the role of which she is most proud. It began in the family’s basement when they were just 12, 12, 10, and 7 and soon expanded into two storefronts; within less than eight years, it became a well-known brand in the local community.

As time passed and each of the children began to take flight, Susan and her family made the decision to close the business. With each of her four children off pursuing their own individualized dreams and careers, Susan had to deal with a new title; unemployed CEO; as well as the closed doors that it represented for her more personally.
Finding herself questioning her own purpose and determined to regain it, Susan invested her time looking for answers. It soon became clear that none of the information she found talked to her concerns or even spoke the same language.
Eventually, Susan was reminded of what she already knew and in the hope of helping others facing similar challenges, was moved to write The Decorating Club. Today, Susan makes her home with her husband and youngest daughter in Fairfield, CT. For more information, visit

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