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About Shattered Guilt:

Shattered GuiltBook:  Shattered Guilt

Author: Kathleen Robison

Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense

Release date: June 15, 2021

When they told her about Southern hospitality, no one mentioned human trafficking.

The move to Bay Town, Mississippi was supposed to be a fresh start for single-mom Melanie and her daughter, Lacy. The quiet Southern town offers a nice relief after the frenetic-paced life of Los Angeles, but something sinister lurks beneath the surface.

Her bridal business struggles to take off, and instead of turning to the Lord, Melanie makes a desperate plea for help–from her ex-husband. Lacey and a friend are attacked, and while Lacey is hospitalized, her friend goes missing—a victim of human trafficking out of New Orleans.

With her ex-husband showing true signs of repentance, the pastor she’d begun to fall for taking a step back, and her daughter’s friend lost to the animals who stole her, Melanie goes on a desperate, dangerous mission to rescue the girl and get their lives back.

And she’ll do it with or without the Lord’s help.

How can Melanie find the girls and rescue them without getting caught herself?  Why can’t she trust the Lord to keep them all safe, and which man in her life is the right one–if either?

Read this heart-gripping, pulse-racing novel and see how the Lord’s hand is on us, even when He seems so very far away.

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Read an excerpt of Shattered Guilt

A pile of unpaid bills lay on Melanie’s desk, and her chest felt the weight of a burden that she couldn’t fix. Quaint Affairs, her pride and joy. The wedding business her father had helped her launch. They’d procured a grant in Bay Town, Mississippi, a little old southern town sitting on the Gulf of Mexico. The shop was her dream. And she was about to lose it all.

Gazing around, her eyes stopped on her prized piece of furniture, a Maitland Smith dining table. Set with goblets, china, and linen napkins. The rich wood glistened beneath the lace runner. Her eyes followed the intricate carvings along the bordering ledge surrounding the tabletop. The smooth walnut finish warmed her heart. It even made her smile, but it didn’t last. The Maitland Table was an investment piece.

A loud-sounding pop jolted her. A creaking came from the front door. Stepping around from the back of her desk, she peeked through the candelabras. The broad, muscular back of a tall man fought to push the old door closed.

 “Sorry,” he said, “I guess it sticks.”

“Yes, I’ve got to get that fixed.” Melanie took a deep breath. A strikingly handsome face stood before her. “Good morning, Pastor Brooks. What brings you into Quaint Affairs?”

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 ABOUT THE AUTHOR of Shattered Guilt J. Robison is an Okinawan-American. Born in Okinawa, raised in California, Florida, Mississippi, and Singapore. Her travels are the inspirational settings for her stories. She and her Pastor husband have eight adult children. Seven are married, blessing them with fourteen grandchildren and counting. The diversity of their 31 family members provide the inspiration for more lively characters than can be imagined. Her husband grew up in the streets of Los Angeles raised by a single working mom, and that life provides fodder for many of the conflicts of her characters.

Tackling difficult life’s trials with God’s strength are the central theme of Kathleen’s stories. She hopes to inspire her readers to trust God and with His strength, weather through and rise above trials and tragedies. If you like suspenseful stories with a thread of romance, you will enjoy Kathleen’s Bay Town Series!

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