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Book: Samson and Amish Delilah

Author: Thomas Nye

Genre: Christian Amish Fiction

Release Date: August 19, 2019

Everyone in America has fallen in love with Delilah, the leading lady in a bestselling Amish novel. When media giants discover that Delilah is a real person, the pursuit is on. Dave joins the search not realizing that by finding her, he would fall into the story and become Samson.

My Review

I love stories with horses!

I have worked with horses for most of my life and I am always looking for ways to be around them. In this book Thomas Nye shows his love of horses in this book quite well, I love his descriptions of the big draft horses and what they can do. I hope to own a pair of draft horses like them someday too!

Samson and Delilah’s story was an interesting tale and not really what I expected. This book had a couple of firsts for me. One I have never read an Amish book by a male author, and male authors have very different writing styles then females and that makes books interesting. Second, I have never read a book about Sampson and Delilah.  Most people don’t write about them, I am not sure why. However, this book is very loosely related to their story, as in if you didn’t know their names to be looking for that specific storyline you probably wouldn’t notice it. I loved the twists in this book and thought It was a great ending to the story… or a possible lead into the next book in the series?

For me, the start of this book was quite slow, and I had a lot of trouble following the story and getting engaged with the characters. There seemed to be a lot of over expressed emotions and things repeated (which is somewhat understandable with the characters reading a book that closely follows what is happening in the book). I was very excited to read this book based off the description; however, the story fell short on what I expected and hoped for. Based on the overall book I give this story a 3 out of 5 stars for the creativity of Thomas Nye in crafting a dual storyline, for the interesting premise, and the great ending… or beginning? 😊 I think Thomas Nye has the potential to be a great storyteller, this one is a good book, just not my personal favorite.

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About the Author

Thomas Nye writes novels about horses and Amish life, with a touch of romance, and a OKPVu4FQfoundation of faith in Christ. He and his wife, Shari, live on her family farm where they raised five children. Their six grandchildren love to visit Karma and Karla, a team of draft horses which Thomas purchased from an Amish friend. Walking a mail route for the U.S. Postal Service keeps Thomas close to nature and affords him many quiet hours which he uses to dream up novels. Over three decades of friendships with Amish neighbors has revealed a simple wisdom that he weaves into his writing.

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Most authors agree that during the course of writing a novel, the characters seem to come alive and emerge with personality traits we ourselves didn’t originally plan to give them. Not only did the lead characters of Samson and Delilah take on a life of their own, they also pulled the story in a direction I never planned to go.

Samson and Amish Delilah is a book about a book. You will soon discover that the characters are reading along with you. They even try to guess the ending and have discussions about it. As I worked on the final few chapters, I could almost feel Samson and Delilah urging me forward, as though they needed me to write out solutions to the issues they were facing. I could almost hear them calling to me, “Please—finish this book—we want the world to hear our story.”

Maybe all of this is just me projecting my feelings on them. LOL. Either way, I’ve gotten to know Samson and Delilah pretty well and I’m sure they would want you to smile, laugh, cry, and learn about the power of forgiveness along with them.

Thomas Nye

P.S. It so happens that I feel Samson and Delilah nudging me forward with a follow-up novel. Wink, wink.



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