Book Review: Rocket Red by Cheryl DaVeiga

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About the Book

  • Title: Rocket Red: A Little Ant With A Dream
  • Author: Cheryl DaVeiga & Dave Gibson
  • Illustrator: Remesh Ram
  • Genre: Children’s Picture Books


Join Rocket Red’s journey in this funny, punny, action-packed tale of determination, friendship, teamwork, and the power of music.

Rocket Red is a little guitar-playing, singing ant who dreams of becoming a big rock star. His mom, the queen ant, disapproves! She believes his job is to work and feed the ant colony. The only one who seems to believe in him is his pal, Beebop Bea.

One day, delayed by practicing with his Lucky Bug Band, Red finds himself all alone and in a dreadful jam. Can his music somehow save him?

In addition to the fun story, children are delighted to search for Beebop Bea hiding in the pages and to count the red ants throughout the book—from the writers of the celebrated War at the Ice Cream Store and creators of Biff Bam Booza, the interactive community of trusted entertainment for kids.

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About the Authors

Cheryl DaVeiga is an award-winning children’s book author and singer/songwriter residing in New Jersey. After a career in business, Cheryl’s passion for music caught up with her, and she began writing and recording children’s songs as her alter ego, CADi Grace. She then moved on to adult songs, including an ASCAP award-winning veteran’s anthem, the featured song for the State of Alabama Bicentennial Celebration, the theme song to the philanthropic Where Angels Play Foundation, and a NJ Arts’ pick for top NJ summer songs. She’s also written songs for artists on critically acclaimed albums. Cheryl’s collaboration with Nashville songwriter Dave Gibson gave birth to a new adventure–writing children’s books, each with an accompanying song. Their Mom’s Choice Gold, Purple Dragonfly- award-winning, and Readers’ Favorite five-star rated debut children’s book, War at the Ice Cream Store, their Midwest Book Review highly recommended, and Readers’ Favorite five-star rated follow up, Rocket Red: A Little Ant with a Big Dream, and Cheryl’s newest release, The Prickly Problem: Dr. Pete the Porcupine, are featured on their online home for Kids: Cheryl has numerous new children’s books on the way.

Dave Gibson is a singer/songwriter and children’s book author who resides in Nashville, Tennessee. A fixture on the Nashville music scene, Dave penned six #1 hits for artists such as Alabama, Tanya Tucker, Confederate Railroad, and Montgomery Gentry, as well as numerous other well-known country hits. He also won the Academy of Country Music’s (ACM) Best New Group award for his own Gibson/Miller Band. One of Dave’s favorite projects is his collaboration with songwriter/author Cheryl DaVeiga to write children’s books and songs. Their Mom’s Choice Gold, Purple Dragonfly award-winning, and Readers’ Favorite five-star rated debut children’s book, War at the Ice Cream Store, as well as their Midwest Book Review highly recommended, Readers’ Favorite five-star rated follow up, Rocket Red: A Little Ant with a Big Dream, are featured on their online home for Kids:

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My Thoughts on Rocket Red

Rocket Red was a wonderfully lyrical story – something I am coming to expect with Cheryl DaVeiga’s style of writing.  

This book was probably my favorite in the series so far and I really enjoyed the puns and funny humor throughout the story. It was something that made everyone smile and helped them want to reread (and sing) this book over and over. I know we will be rereading it for a long time to come.  

Another thing I love about this book is how Cheryl DaVeiga utilizes song to help the story be more interactive. They are catchy and make you want to sing and dance 😊 at least that’s what my littles say.  

I definitely think this is a great investment of your time to read! 5 Stars.  

*I Volunteered to read this book in return for my honest feedback.  

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