No Time Like the Present

No Time Like the Present by Fiona West. A Christmas book filled with sweet moments! A book Review just in time for the books release day!


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No Time Like The Presesnt

Sometimes life is full of unexpected gifts…

Dr. Udawatte doesn’t belong in Timber Falls, and she’s known it since the moment she arrived. She’s a city girl through and through, and Chicago is nothing like this dinky one-horse down. The only thing that’s made her residency here bearable is her roommate, Dr. Trout. And now he’s leaving.

Greg Trout never intended to stay in Timber Falls; he promised his mentor he’d move back home so he could retire. A promise he intended to keep…until he fell in love with his roommate. When an unexpected job offer changes his options, he’s determined to find out how she really feels about him…and decide if he can live with breaking his promise.

After all, it’s Christmastime in Timber Falls, and you know what they say–there’s no time like the present.

No Time Like the Present is the sixth installment in the Timber Falls sweet romance series, set in Oregon. It contains no sex scenes. If you like Christmas tree cutting, cookie-baking, and a heartwarming book about what makes a place home, grab your copy now.

My Review of No Time Like The Present

This was a sweet heartwarming story!

 I loved the pacing and how Fiona West gave glimpses into Tharushi (I had to look up how to pronounce that name!) and Greg’s romance. It was not something that happened so quickly (in the span of a few weeks like most romances) but a gradual thing that happened over the course of their residency. Fiona West gives glimpses to it in an easy-to-follow way, while also including glimpses of characters from past books as well.

I enjoyed how Tharushi showed she loved Greg in subtle ways, and how Greg showed his love with a bit of an extreme that was cute. It really was just one lovely story!

No Time Like The Present was filled with sweet moments, snowball fights, and learning that sometimes wonderful things happen in unexpected places. I loved this sweet story and give it 5 stars.

*I volunteered to read this book in return for my honest feedback. The thoughts and opinions expressed within are my own.

ABOUT The AUTHOR of No Time Like The Present

Fiona West is an American author living in the Pacific Northwest. Writing romance is her favorite thing, followed closely by reading, knitting and drinking tea while looking out the window. When she’s not doing those things, she’s spending time with her husband and two kids. Her debut novel, The Ex-Princess, received a starred review from Publishers Weekly and was named one of their Best Books of 2019. Could Be Something Good, the first book in her new Timber Falls small-town romance series, is out now. Find out more about Fiona at or sign up for her newsletter at

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