Love And The Silver Lining – A Book Review

Love And The Silver Lining by Tammy L. Gray. A Christian Fiction Contemporary Romance. A Book Review by The Travelers Wife!

About The Book – Love And The Silver Lining

Darcy Malone’s dreams of mission work are dashed on her eve of fulfilling them: The Guatemalan school she was to teach at has closed. Devastated because she’s already quit her job and given up her apartment, she also loses the perfect escape from the aftermath of her parents’ divorce. Stuck in her worst-case scenario, Darcy takes an unexpected offer to move in with Bryson Katsaros’s little sister, despite the years of distrust that’s grown between her and Bryson, the lead singer in her best friend Cameron’s band. As she meets those close to him, Darcy realizes that Bryson is more than she believed.

Struck with the need to find a purpose, Darcy jumps at the chance to care for and train a group of dogs, with the aim of finding each a home before their bereaved owner returns them to animal control. But it’s Darcy herself who will encounter a surprising rescue in the form of unexpected love, forgiveness, and the power of letting go.

My Thoughts?

Do you like broodingly dark, handsome, and humble characters? Well then, I present to you the perfect book: Love and the Silver Lining.

This book was on my TBR list the second Tammy L. Gray announced it last year. The first book in the series was one my top five reads last year. Thankfully, this book had much of the same flow and character intonation, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

I loved the faith elements Tammy L. Gray wove in, and I thought her characters decisions were very believable. Tough choices for her characters were handled with the same strife you or I would go through when making life altering decisions. But I loved how even amid all the turmoil both characters continued to be the light to those around them.

*I volunteered to read this book in return for my honest feedback. The thoughts and opinions expressed within are my own.

Favorite Quote:

“This is your NO. And I’m sorry it happened, and I’m sorry you’re so wrecked by it, but it’s not going to change, no matter how many pints of ice cream you consume.”

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