Book Review: Fade To Blue By Hank Scheer

I’m reviewing a new medical thriller by Hank Scheer today! Fade to Blue is a medical thriller dealing with biological warfare, Alzheimer’s, and ethical dilemmas.

Now Hank Scheer may be a new author on the scene, however Fade to Blue doesn’t read like it.

It intrigued me from page one and encouraged me to keep reading. It was very much a fast-paced thrilling ride that also made me stop and think. Hank Scheer provided a lot of ethical dilemmas for his characters to work through and while I didn’t always agree with their choices. It was interesting to see how they got to the points that they did.

The characters were also very vividly written. I very much enjoyed how Hank Scheer made them have a great sense of humor amidst the tension. I loved the travel, and all the little (and not so little) twists he wove in as well.

I enjoyed it.

4 Stars from me. And I will be very curious to see what else he writes next. I think fans of Tammy Euliano, Michael Connelly, and Lee Child will enjoy this story.

*I volunteered to read this book in return for my honest feedback.
** This book does contain language.


Fade to Blue By Hank Scheer.

FADE TO BLUE by Hank Scheer

Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  288 pages
Genre: Thriller 
Publisher:  Top Reads Publishing
Release date:  Mar 2023
Content Rating: ​PG-13 for some bad language
Fade to Blue kicks off with shocking twists and attention-grabbing characters. The ongoing discussions between cat and mouse are tense, especially as the lines between terrorists and anti-terrorists working undercover become blurred. The stakes are high but also personal—Marcel’s monologues, while not likely realistic, are a lot of fun. Filled with vivid characters and a fast moving plot, Scheer has written a winning page-turner.” -BookLife, Editor’s Pick 

“Hank Scheer’s debut novel offers readers an engaging medical mystery, after which the plot becomes a swiftly paced thriller. Sarah is a capable and appealing protagonist, and a canny plot twist gives the narrative geopolitical heft and spurs interest in what might happen next.” – Kirkus Reviews

“The secondary cast is vibrant and varied; their personalities are distinctive, and their conversations have a charming effect. Sarah’s combative exchanges with René, a French inspector whose penchant for sarcasm matches hers, add particular color. And the well-described settings further flesh out and ground the otherwise dizzying, swift-moving story. Working toward an open-ended but triumphant conclusion, Fade to Blue is an exciting thriller in which a scientist tries to stay alive after creating a brain-destroying drug that others want.” – Foreword Clarion Reviews

“The strong characters, fast-paced action, and ethical dilemmas create thought-provoking reading suitable for book club discussion, contrasting nicely with other standout medical thriller genre reads.” – Midwest Book Review

Book Description:

Will Dr. Brenalen’s unauthorized experiment lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s, or will it be used for bioterrorism?

Biotech researcher Sarah Brenalen is frustrated by her boss’s dismissal of her controversial theory, so she secretly injects lab mice with experimental Alzheimer’s drugs of her own design. Sarah is stunned when one of her experiments goes horribly wrong. But Marcel and his international cabal are intrigued. Sarah’s brain-destroying T-3 formulation could be just what they need.

Fade to Blue is a high-tech, fast-paced, cat-and-mouse game played for keeps. What Marcel didn’t count on is that two can play this game.
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Meet Author Hank Scheer:

Hank Scheer’s writing journey began during a work break when a coworker said, “Hey, let’s write a short story.” They were working for a steel mill in Pittsburg, California, so brainstorming ideas became a fun way to pass the time.

At one point the following week, after the manufacturing process caused a computer to crash, Hank had his idea: an evil scientist creates a drug that destroys a person’s brain.

Now it was a simple matter of plotting the story and writing it. Fade to Blue is the result of three trips to Paris, France, and long weekends spent driving around the San Francisco Bay area.

It doesn’t involve steelmaking, but the science is just as real and the potential for trouble exponentially more terrifying.

Hank is now retired and lives in Martinez, California. He enjoys writing and recording music, world travel, biking, downhill skiing, and supporting other working people fighting for a better world.

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