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Welcome to the Celebrate Lit Excerpt Tour for Sara Davison’s Every Flower of the Field

About Every Flower of the Field

For as long as she can remember, Rose Galway has been a captive, controlled by one man or another. To her, though, God is the one holding the keys, refusing to set her free despite the desperate pleas she has sent heavenward.

Detective Laken Jones has known hardship too, including the daily trauma of racism. Still, nothing he has gone through compares to what Rose has endured. He wants nothing more than for her to experience hope and healing and maybe even happiness in her life.

But first he has to find her.

Laken is willing to risk everything to set Rose free. And to help her find her way to God. Even if that means letting go of her—and the future he envisions for the two of them—forever.

TW: human trafficking, some violence, non-consensual sexual activity inferred (off-page)

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Read an Excerpt:

Laken should call this in. Although he had no proof yet that he was even at the right place, something in his gut told him it was a strong possibility. Strong enough that he should request back-up. If he didn’t, and he was able to get over the wall and ended up in a confrontation with Brady’s men, he’d have a lot of explaining to do to his detective-sergeant. 

Assuming he survived the encounter.

Something kept him from calling. He had so little to go on—only the tapping and the fact that the neighbor had a strange feeling about the place. Which Laken got. Although the guy was no doubt referring to the amount of traffic in and out, it was more than that—a palpable murkiness hovering over the property and seeping out between the bars of the gates that had nothing to do with the fact that the sun had set hours earlier. Chills passed over his skin and he shivered.

Even so, if he called for help and all they found was a woodpecker tapping on a tree in the back and angry inhabitants of the house demanding to know why the police had yanked them from their beds, he’d never hear the end of it from his colleagues.

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About Sara Davison

Sara Davison is the author of four romantic suspense series—The Seven Trilogy, The Night Guardians, The Rose Tattoo Trilogy, and two sparrows for a penny, as well as the standalone, The Watcher. A finalist for more than a dozen national writing awards, she is a Word, Cascade, and two-time Carol Award winner. She currently resides in Ontario with her husband, Michael, and their three mostly grown kids. Like every good Canadian, she loves coffee, hockey, poutine, and apologizing for no particular reason. Get to know Sara better at and @sarajdavison.

Sara Davison
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