Can you tell me about your Family? – Wondering Wednesday

It is Wondering Wednesday again 😊 and this week Jessica Baker over on at The Bakers Perspective is asking:

Can you tell me about your family?

Where to start ha-ha… I have been married for almost three years. I feel like it has been longer though, maybe due to how much life my husband and I have lived over the past 3 years. We have our home in Texas, but have “lived” in 7 different places since getting married. My husband and I are in construction, he is a lead superintendent on industrial projects, and I am his helper 😊. However, I am taking a break currently to try and knock out college by next spring! My husband Misha was adopted to the US in what is truly miracle circumstances and he grew up to be a man who is super supportive, driven, and one who makes me smile (the reason I married him of course!). Both of us love to go hiking, fishing, camping and all things outdoors. We also like to play games such as sequence & skip-bo and put puzzles together.


I am not the greatest at talking about myself but I hope this tells you something about me that you didn’t know before 😊 I’d love to hear about you (Drop a link to a blog post or comment, I’d truly like to get to know you!) or if you have questions about me that I haven’t answered feel free to ask 😊, I love questions.

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  1. Such a cute picture, and it is/has been great getting to know you and to be able to claim you as a book-luvin’-friend with similar beliefs.

    Most of us have favorite dentists, doctors, churches, etc. Isn’t it hard to establish new ones constantly?

  2. You’re still basically newlyweds! I love the idea of traveling around, even if it is for work. There are so many places to explore and interesting people to meet.

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