Book Spotlight: Stormy Encounters by BJ Howe

About The Book

  • Title: Stormy Encounters
  • Author: BJ Howe
  • Genre: YA Action Adventure


When the biggest bully in town has you in his crosshairs, you can run, or you can dig deep inside and discover who you really are. Steven Carlson finds himself saddled with an unexpected debt he cannot afford, changing his plans for a summer of fun to one that forces him to places he never wanted to go.

There are storms on the horizon and equally daunting storms of the heart. With a father he doesn’t understand and a mother he can’t remember, Steven’s sixteenth year launches him on a journey that will forever alter his world.

In one unforgettable season, Steven Carlson is pushed to the edge of disaster and forced to confront his prison of self-doubt.

Excerpt from Stormy Encounters


“It’s a cop! He wants me to pull over.” Steven howled as a flash of light from the rearview mirror grabbed his attention. He whacked his palms on the steering wheel of the BMW z4 Roadster. “I should have never let you talk me into this.”

The cop pulled up behind them. “Good grief,” said Steven. “He’s blasting enough light into the car to read the fine print on a pop can.” 

Jackson slumped in the passenger seat, pulling his Twins baseball cap down over his olive-toned face. “Sure, blame me.”

Steven rolled down his window and put his hands on the top of the steering wheel when the cop approached. Pay no attention to my throbbing heart. “Good evening, officer. Is there a problem?” he asked in the calmest voice he could muster.

“Yes, you’re missing a headlight. May I see your license and insurance?” What? It’s a lady cop.

Jackson poked his cap higher on his forehead and stared out the passenger side window while Steven fumbled to locate the documents. As if there wasn’t enough light already, the cop’s flashlight beam followed Steven’s hands wherever they went. What, does she think I’m some kind of fugitive?

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About BJ Howe

Barb (B J) Howe has enjoyed entertaining others with stories since she was a child. As an adult, she used storytelling techniques to communicate in various workplace settings before exploring the art of memoir writing and fiction.

Stormy Encounters is her first significant work of fiction. Writing about teenage boys and lightning fast cars was inspired by her grandson, who at age four attempted to drive her car, and at age ten reminded her that he was a mere five years away from a driving permit. He is now entering his teen years.

Howe resides in Chanhassen MN with husband, Dave Howe, author of Live Pure and Free: The 90-Day Game Changer. She is on staff with Christian Grandparenting Network, and has contributed to several publications including: Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Jr. Magazine and Guideposts. Her desire in writing this book is to encourage young adults to mature in their integrity and pursue a personal relationship with Christ.

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