Book Review: A Flamingo’s Story

Book Review: A Flamingo's Story by Joel C. A Children's book with a twist on the beloved Biblical story of Joseph.


Salmon was a prominent flamingo in his community, but just as things were going well for him his life took an unexpected turn. Follow along his journey to find out what happens!

This book is also based on the story of Joseph and aims to depict God’s faithfulness in fulfilling the dreams He placed in our hearts.

This book contains beautiful illustrations and is targeted for children.

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My Thoughts on A Flamingo’s Story

A Flamingo’s Story: based on the story of Joseph by Joel C.

The Story of Joseph is one of my favorite Biblical stories ever! So, when I saw Author Joel C. had done a children’s rendition of it, I knew that I definitely wanted to read it.

This cute Children’s book is filled with colorful illustrations, a fun sense of humor, and an interesting parallel to the story of Joseph.

Salmon (The Flamingo) was very interesting. I loved watching him through the book as he took on the many roles Joseph had. And I enjoyed how Joel C. did a twist on this classic Biblical tale. There were some details that didn’t necessarily need to be there, and the ending didn’t seem to finish the story arc. However, it was a beautifully illustrated story and I enjoyed reading it.

I give it 4 Stars.

*I volunteered to read this book in return for my honest feedback. The thoughts and opinions expressed within are my own.

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