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A place to find good books that intrigue you, help you grow, or just make you smile. There is a Book out there for everyone. Did I mention Giveaways? Most of my reviews are accompanied by them!

Book Review Ratings Explained

Ever wonder why people rate books the way they do? I often got confused when I would see a 1 star rating and a 5 star rating from the same person on a book very similar, and it got me thinking. WHY do I rate books the way I do? So I wrote my reasons down.

Author Interviews

Come meet the people behind the pages of some incredible books. Learn about their life outside of writing, their hobbies, and most importantly whether they like Coffee or Tea.

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Travelers Wife 4 Life

Books and Travel are my things! I’d love to talk books (Or buddy read with you!), Book promotion, the Best Places to Travel, or hear about a book that I simply MUST read!