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Adventure is out there, so get out and Explore!

Pensacola, FL & Orange Beach, AL

The Beach


1400ft And Beyond

North Carolina

When Mountains and Oceans Collide

Amazing Things to do…

From the Beaches in Connecticut, to the Mountains in Colorado, to the valleys in California. Adventure is out there so please join me on my journey across the US.

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Can you help me?

I am looking for places to visit in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and New Mexico currently. DO you know of any places I simply CANNOT pass up while there?
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“Going from one place to another, typically over a distance of some length.”

Travel Defined

Travel, I never knew, I never dreamed, that it is what I would do.

Growing up I was very much homebody type of person, rather than an adventurous type of person. But here I am, in a new place. I get to see and meet people, and experience things I had never dreamed were possible. Now I am all for planning my next adventure! From Skydiving to Hiking, the Beach to the Mountains, and all the places in between I want to see them all.

 I am very blessed to have lived so many places over the last couple years so I decided to share some of my experiences and travels here! That way maybe I can help you plan your next adventure too! I hope you will check in from time to time to let me know how your adventures are going!

The Travelers Wife

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