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About the Book


Book: Healing Thru Service

Author: SGT Q

Genre: Nonfiction

Release Date: April 22, 2020

Synopsis: In this new war, the battlefield of the mind, hope would become my new ammunition, and the mission field would be the centerpiece of my new battlefield.

A proud Marine since right out of high school, Aaron Quinonez (Sgt Q) was trained to fight the enemy and was prepared for war. When he volunteered for a combat tour in Iraq, little did he know his real battle would be fought in his mind. After eight years of military service, Sgt Q suffered from depression, anger, and panic attacks and was diagnosed with PTSD. He nearly ended his own life in the parking lot of a church, where later he was redeemed by Jesus Christ, who gave him a new life.

Sgt Q traded the battlefield for the mission field and found healing and purpose through building homes and churches, feeding children, and supplying precious hope to struggling communities worldwide. God then called him to form QMissions, a pathway for veterans—Sgt Q’s fellow warfighters—to replace the battle scars of their minds with the joy of serving. In Healing thru Service, you’ll find:

  • personal recons—Sgt Q’s anecdotes and adventures
  • scientific research on recovering from PTSD and using hope to create new, positive triggers
  • the award-winning step-by-step process of healing through mission service, leading to a life of gratitude, fulfillment, and purpose

Although originally aimed at struggling veterans, this book also offers help for anyone in crisis and may be your ticket to a more fulfilled life.

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My Thoughts

Healing Thru Service by Sgt Q is a book filled with words, thoughts, and tools to help equip anyone who has suffered through trauma and come out the other side with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In all honesty, I think this book and the information in it can help people even if they do not have PTSD.

“Never be content with where you are…. This is a battle; therefore, the rules of war apply: If you aren’t taking ground, you are losing it.”

Sgt Q tells his story, his struggles and his triumphs intermingled with honest debriefings of life with PTSD. I loved getting to know Sgt Q and his story through this book. It helped me better understand what some of my family members live with on a daily basis. He explained the different stages or categories of PTSD in easy to understand ways and I enjoyed his “Tactical Applications” at the ends of the chapters and his biblical integration. Sgt Q dug deep into discovering your identity and who you are as a person outside of the military and I believe Sgt Q explained our need for identity in a very engaging and special way.

“No longer a Soldier, you are now a Warrior.”

From a US Marine’s daughter, this book was one I wish my dad had access to years ago and hope it will help him even now. I really enjoyed Sgt Q’s book and ministry and I am looking forward to passing this book along to more people who need the healing words inside. I highly recommend this book to anyone with PTSD, depression, or pursuing what defines you in life. 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you for your service Sgt Q, and thank you for helping Warriors have a family again.


The Travelers Wife

*I volunteered to read this book in return for my honest feedback. The thoughts and opinions expressed within are my own.

About the Author


Aaron Quinonez (Sgt Q) gave eight honorable years to the US Marine Corps. After volunteering for a combat tour in Iraq in 2003, he was diagnosed with PTSD and contemplated suicide, until Jesus Christ rescued him and gave him a new life and a new purpose. Today he heads QMissions (Qmissions.org), restoring hope and purpose to struggling veterans through mission service. In 2017 Sgt Q was named Seattle’s Hometown Hero. He’s married to Holly, who cofounded QMissions and serves as its director of development.

More from Sgt Q

I am excited to release my first book, Healing thru Service, a Warrior’s guidebook to overcoming trauma. My sincere hope is that this book will lead you on a path of healing and restoration. That the lessons within will help you to to lead a more fulfilled life free from your past. God has been so gracious with me as He led me through this process as I am sure He will be with you as well. Each chapter is structured so that I mentor you through the process building one concept on top of another until we get to the final chapter where you will be challenged to put the things you have learned into practice.

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